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Our mission at The Waldo is all about strengthening our community by collectively celebrating the arts. We believe that the arts have the power to unite as well as entertain, and that our programming should be accessible to everyone. To put it another way, we want you to know that You Belong at The Waldo. Membership dues come with a variety of awesome benefits and are available at 4 different levels: one for every budget. It’s effective June 1st and is renewable each year. (Fees for membership enrollments made after September 30 may be pro-rated: call for details.)

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Annual membership also helps to keep the theatre operational. It takes a whole lot of effort and more than a little money to make all this magic happen! Whether you’re a student or a senior, a builder or a baker, a digger or a doctor, you can be a part of helping The Waldo keep the doors open and the lights on. For the month of May, for every membership that is purchased we will donate a membership to a deserving individual or family in the area.



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