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Master Class: How to Tell Compelling Stories with Simon Brooks

The Waldo Theatre is pleased to present the renowned storyteller Simon Brooks. Simon is offering a storytelling Master Class open to all on Saturday, May 13th at 3:00PM.


For tens of thousands of years, humans have relied on stories as a means of building community, teaching important lessons, and sharing excitement, joy, and laughter with each other. The Celtic storytelling tradition is one with which many Americans are familiar, especially the humorous aspects.


Brooks uses his bodhrán (traditional Celtic drum) along with a range of voices and physical antics to charm and delight audiences of all ages. “Performances like this demonstrate the power of ancient stories, myths, and legends to entrance and inspire people of all ages,” said Brooks. “Through workshops and Master Classes like this one at The Waldo, we help to keep the art of traditional storytelling alive by encouraging others to tell their own stories within their communities.”

Registration for the Master Class on Saturday, May 13th from 3-5pm is $20, or just $30 for admission to both the Master Class and the 7pm evening performance. Tickets are just $10 for students. Area residents for whom purchasing tickets is beyond their means can request free tickets by contacting the Waldoboro Community Navigator via the CLC YMCA.

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