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Business Partners

Help Support Our Performing Community

2022 Business Partners:

Gallagher Villeneuve & DeGeer PLLC

Hall Funeral Home

Knickerbocker Group

Laura Cabot Catering

Medomak Design

Medomak Veterinary Services

Moody's Diner

Moose Crossing Garden Center

North Pond Dental Care

Pemaquid Oyster Co

RLP Enterprises

Tops'l Farm

Waldoboro Business Park

Event Sponsors:

Interested in becoming a Presenting Sponsor for an event? Please send an email to:

Business Partner


Your business name will be listed on our website and on printed materials (such as theatre programs). We'll display your logo in The Waldo Theatre lobby at all events all year, and projected as part of the Pre-Show slides on The Waldo's big screen before Movies and on Live Streams.  Thank you for your support!

Become a Business Partner of The Waldo and demonstrate your ongoing commitment to supporting and enriching our community.

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