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Waldo Business Partnerships and Sponsorships

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Through diverse programming, The Waldo seeks to enrich the region’s cultural offerings for all residents, regardless of means, and enhance the quality of life for all. We are deeply committed to the stewardship of this historic landmark and to sparking an economic and cultural renaissance in downtown Waldoboro.


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As a business owner, you can support the Waldo in two ways: Partnership and Sponsorship.


PARTNERSHIP: an investment in the organization that offers year-round visibility and reaches all audiences. It is renewable annually.


SPONSORSHIP: helps us cover the costs of a particular program or event. Your message reaches a targeted audience within a specific timeframe.


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Invest in a Year-Round Audience

By partnering with The Waldo, you link your brand with a highly visible, community-focused organization and connect with your current and future customers all year-round, through multiple channels.

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Invest in a Targeted Audience

By sponsoring a Concert, Play, or Film, you link your brand with a desirable public event and gain exposure to your target audience through multiple channels.

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