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Summer Theatre Camp performance: 'Penelope and the Gods of Olympus'
Friday, August 4th at 3pm 

'Penelope and the Gods of Olympus', is written and directed by Teralyn Reiter and

performed by the 3rd-6th graders in The Waldo's Summer Camp!

 Friday Aug 4th at 3PM

 Tickets are $10, proceeds go to Waldo's scholarship fund. 


Play description: This interactive play tells the story of young Penelope Pratt being stranded after dark in her town’s local museum of art. Frightened and alone, Penelope finds comfort in surprising friends as the museum’s statues magically come to life in the form of Artemis and Apollo. Delightfully weaving Greek myths and the importance of community, this play teaches us how our choices affect ourselves and those around us.

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