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FRIDAY, JUNE 23rd and SATURDAY, JUNE 24th at 8pm

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The Waldo and Bull Moose are thrilled to present
"John Waters - End of the World”

John Waters, legendary filmmaker, writer, actor, and artist, will be on The Waldo stage with his tremendously entertaining spoken word show, “End of the World”, on June 23rd and 24th at 8pm as the capstone to The Waldo’s celebration of Pride.

Formerly “False Negative”, this all-new, fast-moving, comic monologue about today’s despair and diseases, desires and desperation breaks through with an insane optimism that welcomes all audiences into a new dawn of depravity. How to reinvent the movie business, embrace stupidity in an intellectual way, even go beyond the limits of sexual transgression. John Waters, the man the press has called “The People’s Pervert”, will mutate your madness into hope and lead you to a joyous delirium ever-after.

But wait… there’s more… a most amazing post show opportunity! John will be hosting a limited capacity “Group Therapy” session after the show - an intimate, post-show Q&A. There are only 50 tickets available for “Group Therapy” and they will be made available along with the show tickets. 


Ticket prices are as follows:

$100- front row (10 available)

$60 - general admission / advance

$65 - general admission / day of show

$50 - post-show Q&A “Group Therapy” with John Waters (50 tickets available)

*Not recommended for those under 17; all minors must accompanied by an adult.

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